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Last Halloween I decided to go to a party at a swinger club. A couple that I had met earlier in the year talked me into going. It didn't take much arm twisting to get me to go. All they did was mention what they were wearing and I was sold. I showed up in tight fitting "lycra-like" running pants and a navy petty coat (I think that's what is called). You know, the one that comes down only to the waist. I was also wearing a sailors cap. He was dressed similarly only in army-like dress.
She on the other hand was dressed (or almost dressed) in a white fishnet body suite with white pumps and nurses cap. Every detail of her perfect body was revealed.She flaunted and teased everyone to no end. My cock was hard all night. The subtle curves of her body and the definition of her muscles where almost to much for me to handle. At one point, it got so bad when we were dancing I started to rub and message myself to give my cock some relief but she stopped me and took me off the dance floor to some seating in the corner. There, we masturbated together while her husband looked on. He was looking on in amazement. Eyes riveted to the two of us. Well needless to say it didn't take long for me to cum, I had been ready for an hour or more. I came all over myself. My chest, stomach and the chair I was sitting in was covered in the jiz.
She came over to me and smeared it all over my chest then took a big gob of it and spooned it into her mouth. She wasn't done yet....She then proceeded to climb on top of me and sit on my face and hump me furiously. My tongue and mouth worked in and around her lathered pussy. Her fishnet body suite became a tool for me to tease her clit. She was all but ready now. In one massive body spasm she came. Her legs clenched my head and face closer almost pulling me inside her luscious pussy. She shivered and thrust and gave out one big long sigh. As we melted together into the chair we saw her husband across the room getting sucked off by another friend but that is another story.